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Convert Evergreen to Termed Auto Renew


Convert Evergreen to Termed Auto Renew

I want to check wth the forum members if anyone had ever converted subscription term type.  I have requirement to mass update 1000s of accounts from evegreen to termed auto renew.  It's not feasible to convert one by one.  Has anyone tried to via RMB connect? And if there are any gotcha's I need to be aware of? I'm going to be testing on my end but wanted to know things to look out for while testing.

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Re: Convert Evergreen to Termed Auto Renew



So changing your customers from evergreen to termed subscriptions will need to be a Terms & Conditions amendment change to all active subscriptions.


You can do this via the mass order entry batch upload for amendments, but it sounds like you have access to the Zuora Connect Developer Tool. I find that the tool is much easier to use for these types of large-scale projects. If you're familiar with the tool, I would use the Amendment API loader, export out the subscriptions in question, and then use that data to get it into the right format for importing back for the Terms and Conditions type of update.


The key field you'll be changing is: Subscription.TermType which will now be Termed.


Things you'll want to consider:

  • The length of your term (many that move from evergreen to termed just stick to a standard 12-month term/12 month renewal and set the subscription to auto-renew)
  • Amendment contract effective date - this is the date the change will take effect and may cause billing implications depending on the types of rate plan charges on the actual subscriptions itself. 
  • TIming in general - are you going to be doing a hard cutover date for all existing subscriptions as of a particular date, or are you going to take into account original subscription start date and do it at a natural inflection point (ex. If the subscription was originally started 2-Feb-2016, you'll make this effective 2-Feb-2018), etc.

As with all projects, I'd recommend testing in your sandbox first to ensure the basic Terms & Conditions changes does what you expect, and then I'd use the Connect Developer Tool and do a small batch of 5-10 records first to ensure it looks good before doing the big behemoth.


Good luck!


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Re: Convert Evergreen to Termed Auto Renew

Thanks for the respone Amy.  Those are all good points to consider.  i'm going to test in sandbox and keep you posted.


Re: Convert Evergreen to Termed Auto Renew

@AmyLy in what ways willl contract effective date will change the billing.  I did a subscription amendment test and contractive effective was required to be entered.  However, I wanted to keep the original contractive effective date but Zuora did not allow me to enter the original date because overage invoices were already generated after the orignal date.


My main goal is to moved from evergreen to termed without disturbing the bill cycle.  I want to keep the orignal term and contract date.  Hence keep the monthly overag billing and have the subscription auto renew on the orignal date.



Term / Contract date on 12/15/2017

Overage Invoice Cretaed on 1/16/2018.

Then did an amendment from evergreen to termed wiht auto renew

Term date is still 12/15/2017

Contract effective date requires me to input after Invoice date(1/16/2018)

When will my renewal invoice happen? On 12/15/2018 or 1/16/2019?