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Make Sense of Standard Reports: Part 2 BOOKING

Zuora Staff

Make Sense of Standard Reports: Part 2 BOOKING

The Reporting Series takes on Booking

Some of the most useful day-to-day reports can be found in the Booking section of Zuora’s standard reports. Check out this tutorial video to learn more about how to customize and leverage some of the most commonly used standard booking reports.



Dive Deeper!

In this Zuora Life Hack video we discuss how to:

  1. Identify subscription churn by customizing the standard “Cancelled Subscription” report. 

  2. Engage upcoming subscription renewals to prevent churn by customizing the “Accounts with Subscriptions up for Renewal in the Next 30 Days” report. 

Need help with non-billing reports? Try these!

Reporting Series

If you get through all five parts of this campaign and feel like you are still not resourced to customize the reports to meet your business needs, let us help! Post your question or comment below on this community page.