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Welcome to the group! Feel free to introduce yourselves, connect with your focus group colleagues and ask each other - and Zuora - questions.

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Re: Introductions

Hello there,


I am a systems administrator and I am curious about this community. I just subscribed to a bunch of topics and groups, so hopefully this will be a great mechanism to learn and stay in the loop!


I am in Michigan (US), and our business uses Zuora for billing SaaS subscribers. We use Salesforce for CRM, to feed entities to Zuora for billing, which eventually flows to NetSuite for ERP.




Re: Introductions

@jjorda29 welcome to the community!


Sounds like you have a very similar setup to our own: Salesforce -> Zuora -> NetSuite. Would be awesome to hear how you handle the integrations between them and what customizations you have made.

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Re: Introductions

Welcome to the community @jjorda29,


I'm the Zuora Community manager so if you have any questions about anything here, please don't hesitate to ask!



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Re: Introductions

Hi Lana,


I am from seene energy, we are an Ebbedded networks company that use Zuoro for all aspects of our business model.  We are a energy provider and bill customer subscriptions based on dally consumption data.  

My question is that we currently have a manual process to move operational  data from one subscription  to another which is very time consuming and open to risk.  

Does any other businesses have a process where this can be automated  within Zuoro  via a program or a plug in/application that works in

parallel wiht Zuoro.  Any feedback and ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Vicki 





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Re: Introductions



We have a great framework, Connect, which in addition to having existing apps and tools to integrate with Zuora, will also allow you to write code and host it within our infrastructure.


You should get in touch with your Zuora point of contact to get more information, or feel free to post any specific questions in the Integrations and Extensions section and get answers from other customers, who've already been through this, and Zuora SME's.



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Re: Introductions

Hello Everyone!!! My name is Randi and I am the Zuora Administrator for Right Networks.  I am new to the position and have a lot of clean up to do.  We are in the midst of going to daily billing, starting proration, enabling taxation, switching to the orders model etc....It is going to be a great year for Zuora upgrades here!!!