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Application Updates

Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

Added support for filtering journal run export queries in file-based integrations.


Added in the ability to use Liquid language in the headers section for file-based integrations.


Collections Manager

The Iterate task has seen its functionality extended to allow looping over custom Liquid logic. This can be used to iterate over array items other than the one brought in from a query or export. An example use case would be iterating over an array that was retrieved from a Zuora callout.


In addition, callout tasks can now validate Zuora API calls and respond appropriately. If the API call fails due to an API error, the task will fail and not proceed. If the API call encounters lock contention or API limiting, the task will perform a pre-defined number of retries.




Documentation, including installation and configuration details, has been updated for the following apps under the instructions tab for the following listings:


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