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License Management Software / Directly Integrating Production Accounts into Zuora

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License Management Software / Directly Integrating Production Accounts into Zuora

Hi all -


Looking for input / suggestions on SaaS licenses management software that integrates with Zuora. We have a cloud-based app with semi-complicated licensing (all of which is in Zuora). Different products, different roles, part-time, full-time, you the picture. All in, there are about 500 SKUs once you account for bundles, specials, etc. 


I was thinking we use the Zuora APIs directly to query for what's licensed and translate that into what the application needs. That seems straightforward, but would limit in some ways what information is known (e.g. Zuora knows to bill for a "seat", but the license management app would associate seats to people). 


So, simply put, are there best-in-SaaS license management applications which you've integrated with Zuora? Or have any of you tied your licensing in production directly to Zuora?


Thanks in advance,

Daniel Cane

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Re: License Management Software / Directly Integrating Production Accounts into Zuora

Hi Daniel,


I've seen a number of customers use Salesforce as their license management application along with building some of the functions into their own app. 


For example, Salesforce has an assets object that can be used to track the details of the entitlement which is linked to a Rate Plan Charge; the flexibilty Salesforce offers makes it an easier option than some of the other solutions out there that would need to be integrated (and maintained for that matter).


I'm working with one customer who has roughly 15 entitlements (not appearing on the invoice) per subscription they sell; so the quote the customer sees and signs off on, doesn't have all of these entitlements and only has the 'bundle' and 'bundle price'; once the quote is approved, the entitlements are created in the Salesforce assets object. Once the subscription is successfully created in Zuora, the entitlements are then retrieved from Salesforce and enabled in the customer's internal platform.


I've simplified some of the details above but the general concept is the same. I know at one point in time Flexera was somewhat integrated with Zuora; although, I don't know how much of it ties in with CRM data so you get the full picture (e.g. license tied to a contact).


I hope this helps.