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MachZ: The Next Generation Observability Platform

Zuora Alumni


At Zuora, we’re obsessed with visualizing service health.  We’ve evolved our visualization stack over the years in order to keep up with the growth of our platform, but more importantly, to make sure we are aware of the health of many of the mission critical services that keep the Subscription Economy humming.


Our latest evolutionary step towards end to end observability, visibility and alerting on service health is the launch of ‘MachZ’. MachZ is the code name for our own internal deployment of Salesforce’s 'Refocus' an open source visualization framework which serves the need for large enterprise SaaS companies.  Machz intends to be the ultimate observability framework to which many of our existing infrastructure and application monitoring solutions will push normalized data, including but not limited to Cloudwatch, Sensu, nagios, SumoLogic, Sysdig, Synthetic transactions and other custom data sources.


MachZ is designed to be data-source agnostic and is built on open source tooling such as graphite, influxdb, and Sensu Core along with a few custom built dropwizard based services. Internal documentation is built on Sphinx and alerting is handled using PagerDuty’s REST API interface.


The name ‘MachZ’ is a combination of Mach (speed metric), and Z (for Zuora) - but pronounced Moxey, meaning guts or attitude.  While MachZ is still in it’s infancy stages, we’ve built it to be as simple as possible to integrate with, so it’s no surprise we have already seen fast adoption of the observability framework by engineering teams that are building new services for the Zuora platform!