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yamasaki1ma Valued Scholar

Valued Scholar

Valued Scholar
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There is an incorrect "Note" in the QueryMore description of the REST API reference.
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I confirmed the reference to use QueryMore.

But I was confused. This is because two different descriptions of the retention period of queryLocator are described:
> Any queryLocator results greater than 2,000, will only be stored by Zuora for 5 days before it is deleted.
> Note: Zuora expires queryMore cursors after 15 minutes of activity.
* I assume that "queryMore cursors"  is the same as queryLocator.


I experimented:

  • First I ran query and retrieved queryLocator.
  • And I ran queryMore using this queryLocator. Response was returned normally.
  • Furthermore, after 1 hour, I used this queryLocator again to run queryMore. Response was returned normally.

Therefore, I think the second descriptions is incorrect.


I have read the explanation of SOAP QueryMore while waiting for 1 hour.
It is written as "As of WSDL 20.0, Zuora will now expire queryMore() cursors after 15 minutes of activity".
I assume that this description was moved to the REST API reference due to some mistake.

DavidW Documentation Team

Documentation Team

Documentation Team
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Re: There is an incorrect "Note" in the QueryMore description of the REST API reference.

Hi @yamasaki1ma


Thank you for letting us know about the inconsistency in the API Reference, and for your detailed investigation!


I'm checking how queryLocator currently works so that we can get the docs clarified. I'll update you when I have more info.


Thanks again!