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Playing with Event triggers and custom objects

Hi folks, I'd love to have more than 2 event triggers in my labs experimental tenant. Want to model an object to set SequenceSets, Invoice and Comms templates from a custom object on account creation so we don't have to model those master settings outside the Zuora platform. Helps me seggregate responsibilities for Zuora billing settings to the billing platform (zuora) rather than from off-platform. Any ideas on how that can happen?


Perhaps up the labs tenants to 4 events instead of 2, I note the labs ootb tenant have 2 triggers for orders but one can't add anymore, nor delete the ones labs provides to you. Much respect to Zuora for the labs tenants. They expose to developers Zuora features that would otherwise be burried in secrecy (probably not deliberately). Such things are useful to architects and developers so we can help guide our clients and companies as to the features that zuora provide and helps us to think differently about our integrations, even if such features in company sandboxes and production environments are chargeable in practice. Looks like Zuora are taking a leaf out of Salesforce's book.

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