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Thanks in advance for your feedback on the PAYMENTS API, which covers the following:

  • Create payment
  • Get all payments
  • Update payment
  • Get payment
  • Delete payment
  • Transfer payment
  • Apply payment
  • Cancel payment
  • Get payment parts
  • Get payment part
  • Get payment part items
  • Get payment part item
  • Refund payment
  • Unapply payment
  • CRUD: Create payment
  • CRUD: Get payment
  • CRUD: Update payment
  • CRUD: Delete payment

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Re: Payments

I was redirected from here: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Developers-User-Group/Refactor-of-Advanced-AR-Settlement-REST-API-Met...


My concern is this: what meaning do API versions have (such as `v1`) if breaking changes to the API do not result in the version being iterated?


My company has chosen to use Zuora, but what kind of compatability guarantees are given for this API?


I hate to link to a competitor here, but this is the kind of compatability care that one would hope for in a payments API: https://stripe.com/blog/api-versioning

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Zuora Staff

Re: Payments

Hi Ruffrey,


Thank you very much for giving us advice and sharing the great Stripe example. We understand API change may have big impact to our customer's integration. We have always been taking it very seriously during new feature interation. This information now has drawn attention of the API designers. 


A bit background on how Zuora looks at API version: "v1" is a big version number which only upgrades when Zuora decides to re-implements the whole set of APIs. This case is specific to Payment domain. The Payment development team consider that this group of APIs is in limited availability to very few early agreed adoptors who are aware of potential API changes, and this change is a renaming instead of API behavior varying. So the decision is to keep API version meanwhile actively communicate this change to the early adopters through release notes and product manager.


Just share you the background, not excuse. Thanks again for your advice for us to go better. Welcome back here any time for more advice.



Zuora API Team