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Get Discount Balance



I am trying to apply a discount charge (fix-amount type). I would like to know the left amount in the discount. I meant, I want to check the discount balance when a new invoice is posted. To be sure, if we have or not any available discount charge. Is there any API method to get the Discount Balance?




Re: Get Discount Balance

Hi @marinas


In Zuora, I think that the concept of "left amount in the discount" does not exist.
Therefore, the concept of Discount Balance also does not exist and there should be no API to acquire it.


For example, suppose that the Billing Period of Discount Charge is One Month and the Discount amount is 1,000 yen.
Also, suppose that the billing period of the charge subject to Discount is One Month and the Charge amount is 750 yen.
Then, the monthly invoice amount is 0 yen. Discount's 250 yen will NOT be carried over to next month.


In other words, Discount on Zuora is NOT the concept as follows:
 Set 1,000 yen as the Discount of fix-amount.
 Each time Invoice is posted, the discount amount is withdrawn from 1,000 yen.


About the availability of Discount, you can define the End Date of the Discount charge.
For example, in the example I mentioned above, if I set the End Date of Discount charge to "3 months after the charge is triggered", the invoice amount for the first 3 months will be 0 yen, and the subsequent billing amount will be 750 yen.