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Community Member Spotlight: Kazuma Yamasaki

Community Manager

ZC-Member Spotlight


Get to know some of your fellow Community members who often chime in on posts, share useful templates and scripts and are all around superstars here in the Zuora Community.


Kazuma Yamasaki








API forum



System engineer at MOBIUS Co., Ltd. in Niigata prefecture of Japan. MOBIUS is a partner company of Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., LTD, one of Zuora's Japanese agency.



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What’s a typical work day like for you?
I'm designing a general-purpose EC site framework that link up with Zuora for Japanese companies.


What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?
The first day of a holiday is the day of study. Not limited to Zuora, there are countless things I have to learn. The second day of the holiday is completely off-time! In the morning I go to the gym to swim and then I have a long bath. And drink beer in the afternoon!


Why do you participate in the community?
I (and my team) was aided many times by knowledge stored in the Community. I would like to repay this. If my knowledge will be of help to someone in the world, I openly release my knowledge.


Have any advice/tips for members who are new to the Community?
Let's ask in detail! For example, if you ask questions about Zuora's API, please write down the Endpoint and Request Body, Response Body as it is. The more you ask a detailed question, we will give you a detailed answer. And, if you are not an English speaking person, don't be afraid! I am also not good at English. I write all my posts using Google Translate! (including this answer)