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What will be validated after a payment run is triggered?

Here is what will be validated after a payment run is triggered.

Step 1. Payment run collects documents (invoices and debit memos).

  • Account’s Auto-Pay flag is enabled or not.
  • Document’s Auto-Pay flag is enabled or not.
  • Document is not locked by other transactions. (For example, in a very rare case, if the payment run is trying to apply a payment to a specific invoice and you triggered another apply payment API call at that time, the payment run could skip the payment creation because it has been paid off by the api created payment already. )
  • Documents balance is not zero.
  • Documents Due date <= payment run target date.

Step 2. After payment run collects the documents, here are the payment validations.

  • All the above conditions again. This time is at payment level. 
  • Account’s payment method is active.
  • Account’s gateway is active.


When a payment run is triggered, if any condition from the above is not met, that speific document will not be picked up by the payment run and no payment will be generatred. Reference https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/K_Payment_Operations/CA_Payment_Runs/A_Introduction_to_...