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Time Zone and Billing/Payment Runs

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Time Zone and Billing/Payment Runs

I'm on the East Coast (ET) and bill daily for my monthly service. I would like to start my Billing and Payment Runs in the early AM hours (based on Eastern Time). Is this possible?


Example: At 12:01AM ET on 5/1/16, I would like to start a Billing Run for all customers whose billing date is the first of the month. These invoices would charge them for the month of 5/1/16 - 5/31/16. 


Is this possible, or do I have to wait until 12:01AM PT to begin the Billing Run?




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Re: Time Zone and Billing/Payment Runs

Hi @dmark ,


In order to provide an accurate response, first I'd like to ask if you got the Time Zone feature enabled, and if your Time Zone is actually set to EST, or if you're looking for setting this up with your tenant time zone still set to PST?


In case you need more information about our Time Zone feature, please review https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CF_Users_and_Administrators/Administrator_Settings/N_Before_Changi...

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