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Should I use an Ad Hoc Bill Run or Schedule a Bill Run?

Zuora Staff

Should I use an Ad Hoc Bill Run or Schedule a Bill Run?

I have a question and would LOVE to get thoughts from the community! Zuora has the option to create an ad hoc bill run or to create a scheduled bill run. Scheduling a bill run in advance seems like a time saver, but before making the jump...


QUESTION:  In your experience, what are some reasons/examples one might NOT want to use the scheduled bill run feature (if any)?

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Re: Should I use an Ad Hoc Bill Run or Schedule a Bill Run?



As you said, once you have scheduled one bill run, you do not need to take care of it after that. The scheduled bill run will be executed at the scheduled time. In some cases, merchants can schedule a payment run to be executed later than the bill run to automatically pay the invoices generated by the scheduled bill run. In this way, with the help of scheduled bill/payment runs, the merchant can automatically generate invoices and collect payments from their customers. So the benefit of the scheduled runs is to provide convenience to the merchant to manage their business as well as the efficience.


To your question, the Ad Hoc bill run might be helpful if you want to generate the invoice for one shot instead of repeated and regularly.


Hope that make sense. 






Re: Should I use an Ad Hoc Bill Run or Schedule a Bill Run?

Interesting question. I can only think of why a company would want to run an ad-hoc Payment Run. An ad-hoc Bill Run might be necessary if for example, you don't have the Usage data collected in time before your scheduled Bill Run takes off. If that's the case then you can use Zuora's Bill Run API to create a bill run ad-hoc, avoiding the need for human interaction.


E.g. As a business I need to collect all my usage data before running a bill run. Once usage data import is complete, then use my message bus (e.g. Mulesoft, WSO2, Talend and the likes) to trigger a call (SOAP or REST APIs) to Zuora to create the bill run.


Now the Payment Run is another matter, and I've seen a ton of use cases around running payment runs that Zuora haven't yet addressed, but with Bill Runs, there's an API and you can deal via implementing whatever Biz Process you have.