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Promo Codes


Promo Codes

Does Zuora support the use of Promo Codes?


Use case:


We have credit card customers that we would like to offer a discount to.  We want the customer to be self-serve.  So they sign up for a subscription online, agree to the ToS, and enter their billing information.  I'd like my customer to have a 10% discount applied before they check out.  Does Zuora support the use of promo codes?  and if not, are there any suggestions on how this should work for our customer?



Zuora Support Moderator

Re: Promo Codes



The Zuora UI doesn't support promo codes directly, but I wanted to point you toward Zuora Connect. Connect is our application marketplace and we have a ton of different apps that can be added on to supplement your Zuora experience.




There's an app there that is meant to help manage promos in particular and you can read more about that.

If you'd like, I can also put you in contact with our Connect product specialist who can discuss this app (or any others that may make your life a bit easier).  Just send me a private message. Thanks!


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