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One Time Charge on on an account with a Discount

I have a customer with a subscription that has a % subscription level discount.  Is there a way to apply a one-time charge on a different rate plan that doesn't get the subscription level discount?  


Use Case:

My customer has a subscription with a 20% discount.  He has requested Training, which is a product we offer with a different rate plan.  I want to provide my customer with the training he's requested, but at the full price on the rate plan...not with the 20% discount that is on the subscription level. Is it possible to do this one-time charge on his account without the 20% discount being applied?


Thank you! 

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Re: One Time Charge on on an account with a Discount

Hi @hdeschamps , if you have a subscription-level discount, you can't exclude a single charge from that.


When you're setting up the discount charge, you can actually limit the availability of the discount using the Apply Discount To field , so it can exclude one-time charges.




Of course, this only solves your problem if you don't have any other one-time charges on the subscription.


Alternatively, you can create a second subscription under the same account with that one-time charge added.

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