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Nested Tables on Invoice Te

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Nested Tables on Invoice Te


My one charge in the invoice has 2 applicable taxes - State tax and the City tax. 

In my invoice template, I want to display these taxes differently

For eg. 

Subscription          Rate Plan Name           Charge Detail                  Service Period                     Subtotal              Tax                          TOTAL

A-S00037839            HO Rate Plan            HO Rate Charge        01/05/2018- 31/05/2018          $8                     State tax= 10%          9.2

                                                                                                                                                                                 Tax= 0.8                  

                                                                                                                                                                                 City Tax =   5%  

                                                                                                                                                                                 Tax= 0.4            


This information is present in invoiceitem and taxitem table. 


However when I try use the taxitem table inside invoiceitem table, it is not allowing me. It gives me the below error. Is there a way to call another table inside an already open table. I thought that was what Nested table should allow us to do but now I am not sure anymore. 


The nested table <<TableStart:TaxItem_01>> is invalid. Nested tables must be of the same type as the parent table.



Subscription Identifier

Rate Plan Name

Charge Detail









Charge Name: «InvoiceItem.Name»


Quantity:  «InvoiceItem.Quantity»


Unit Price:  «InvoiceItem.UnitPrice»














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Re: Nested Tables on Invoice Te

Hi @Mayank, I was able to find to articles on nesting and this one shows an example of the tax fields on invoices






I am going to try and play with this in my sandbox and try to configure it.  We are going to be taking the tax plunge too and I will be coming across the same problem you have.




Re: Nested Tables on Invoice Te

Hi @Mayank,


You can nest tax tables with the link @rjohnson provided. I've done this same thing, except decided to sum the tax rates. As you know, it's possible to have several taxing jurisdictions on one invoice. I found it overwhelming for customers to provide them with a breakdown like this:


state tax - 5%

county tax - 2 %

city tax - 1%

special jurisdiction tax - 1%


4 lines with individual tax rates and $$ was a bit much. We created a table to calculate the summed up tax rate, then present that later on in the invoice.


Table to calculate total tax


tax rate sum.PNG


Invoice Summary Table with Total Tax Rate displayed


tax total.PNG

it's important to note that this doesn't account for the taxable basis for the invoice items. Let's say taxable basis is 80% for an invoice item, the total tax rate is 10%, and the invoice item is $10. The total tax rate will show 10%, but the tax due will be $0.80.

I've not been able to find a way to pull taxable basis into an invoice. Please let me know if anyone has?!


- Jeff
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Re: Nested Tables on Invoice Te


how can I remove space (that coloured in red) between repeated nested table?


Re: Nested Tables on Invoice Te

Hi @frinaldi,


Check the cell margins/padding and paragraph settings to not add a space between paragraphs. 


For reasons I cannot explain, starting a fresh word document and rebuilding the template from scratch (copy/paste most of it) helps solve unexplained things like this. I'm not saying that's the case here, but there have been times where I cannot get columns to line up just right or weird spacing issues. After spending too much time trying to sort it, I would start over.

- Jeff