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[KNOWN ISSUE] GoCardless Reconciliation 'Late Failure' Events

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[KNOWN ISSUE] GoCardless Reconciliation 'Late Failure' Events

Known issue:  We might see some payments do not have external refunds created by Zuora Gateway Reconciliation. Those payments are in chargeback status at payment gateway side.


Root cause of the problem:


This is a design gap issue in Gateway Reconciliation. If the payment was settled first in payment gateway and then changed to ChargedBack status, we apologize that this scenario is not supported in current product design. 




Engineer team is aware of this design gap and they are planning to enhance the Gateway Reconciliation function in future release. ETA is still under discussion.




In current stage, the workaround is to manually create the external refunds on those impacted payments either via UI or API calls.


Reference Number: PAY-8380

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