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Invoice a client + an external partner

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Invoice a client + an external partner



I would like to know how I could create an invoice for a third party partner at the same time of the one for the client (end user)


Here is the example I want to do :

When a client subscribe for certain products here what happens :

- the client is invoiced for X€ to MYCOMPANY

- MYCOMPANY owe Y€ to PARTNER (licence for instance)


Today we create invoices for the client but we do not have information representing what MYCOMPANY needs to pay to PARTNER 

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Re: Invoice a client + an external partner

Hi Robin,


If it is the same invoice that you would like to send to both client and MyCompany, then you may make configure it through the Notification and email setting under Billing Setting.


Since you have mentioned "MYCOMPANY owe Y€ to PARTNER", I wonder how you generate this invoice. Through a new Subscription having the invoice owner as MyCompany?

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