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Invoice Owner merge field

What is the merge field for the Invoice Owner?  I would like to add this field to our invoice template but the existing documentation (https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/IA_Invoices/Creating_a_Custom_Invoice_Template/Merge_Fi...) does not have this field listed --there has to be a way to add it!  Any insight would be so very much appreciated!!


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Re: Invoice Owner merge field

An invoice owner is represented as the "Account.*" attributes on the Invoice template. This is because the invoice actually lives on the invoice owner account. Additionally there is no direct reference to the "Subscription Owner" at the invoice level because a single invoice could contain multiple subscriptions and each of those subscriptions could be owned by a different customer.


We have this sutuation in our business because our resellers are setup as the invoice owner and the end users are the subscription owner. In order to show the subscription owner on the invoice next to their subscription, we added two custom fields at the account level to store the 'Subscription Owner Name" and "Subscription Owner Account Number". We then have a small script that keeps these fields updated across all our accounts and subscriptions. When we output the invoice, the Reseller will see their information in the header of the invoice and then for each subscription on that invoice they will also be alble to see the end user associated with that subscription.