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How to create stored credential profile for payment methods?

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How to create stored credential profile for payment methods?

How to create Stored Credential Profile for Payment Method?

Approach 1: create Stored Credential Profiles together with creating new payment methods

The stored credential profile could be created together with the payment method through different ways depending on how you're creating payment methods:

through UIManage stored credential profiles for credit cards

through SOAP API: PaymentMethod

through REST APICreate payment methodCreate credit card payment method

through HPMAdd a Checkbox for Stored Credential ConsentDirect POST Fields for Stored Credentials

Approach 2: create Store Credential Profiles for existing payment method

For the payment methods already existing in your tenant, you could have credential profiles created for them as well.

through CIT/MIT Configuration SettingMigrate all existing payment methods for stored credential transactions


What is the difference between the 2 approaches?

(The explanation here is mainly for Stripe v2 Payment Gateway inplementation, could be used as reference for other gateway implementations) 

The major difference between these 2 approaches is we're using different features/requests provided by the payment gateways to get the necessary info to create an active profile for the payment method. To explain it in a simple way, the payment gateway requests we're calling under the 2 approaches are as below(might differ among different payment gateway implementations):

Zuora Scope Payment Gateway Scope
"CIT/MIT configuration setting" to handle existing Payment Method CIT request provided by Payment Gateway for existing cards
checkbox/setAgreement function to handle new Payment Method grandfathering request provided by Payment Gateway for newly created cards


Are both of the approaches required? Can I just use one of them?

Both of them are required.


What will happen if I take no action on this?

If no action has been taken on this, then when it becomes a must for all transactions to be compliant with the Stored Credential Transaction framework, it is possible that:

- for newly created payment methods, payment method creation might fail

- for existing payment methods, the payment transaction might fail

(since it is not decided by Zuora to approve or decline the transactions, so above is our understanding of the Stored Credential Transaction framework)



Please also refer to the entrance page of this feature in our Knowledge Center for more details:

Stored credential transactions

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