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How Can I edit a Post invoice?


I have a post invoice with electronic Payment that I need to edit.

I made a mistake once I create the subscription,I put the quantity value in the Price spot and the Price in the quantity.

So the total is right but I need to modify that.

How Can I do that?


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Re: How Can I edit a Post invoice?

Once an invoice is posted, you cannot edit it.


You would have to roll back each step (refund payment, unpost invoice, edit, repost, re-make payment).

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Re: How Can I edit a Post invoice?

But I cannot refund the payment, because is electronic payment, to refund that it meas give the money back to the custumer, and even in that case Zuora do not allow me to modify that.

I need to change the description.

How could I do that.

I think there are a lot of client that experience this.

This is a huge limit


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Re: How Can I edit a Post invoice?

@blumilary, I just read through your use case and unfortunately, what @feisley suggested is the only method that can truly allow you to "undo" and "redo" the line item detail and edit an invoice. Zuora doesn't allow for the editing of these values as it isn't best practice to make changes to an invoice in such a way since it doesn't truly reflect the subscription that is being billed. 


Another suggestion would be to recreate the subscription with the corrected rate plan charge values and generate an invoice so the line item is corrected. You would then need to apply an external payment to reflect the payment that was already made but going forward, it will be correct on your future invoices. You could then cancel the current mistaken subscription.


If a corrective action isn't made to the subscription itself now, the next invoice will continue to reflect the switched quantity/price values.

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