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Get Invoice or Customers container in bill run



I am using the zuora.com/developer/api-reference to build some functionality for pulling the data related to a bill run.


I have successfully ran a bill run. Retrieved the Id of the bill run.


I have also successfuly been able to for a given customer account retrieve a invoice and access the subscription lines within that.


I now wish to like these process together, so for a given bill run, get the invoices ids for the invoices within the bill run (or the customers) and then get the subscriptions for these invoice with the above solution i already have.


There doesnt seem to be an API method returns the invoices or customers related to a bill run, can anyone suggest how this is done? I cannot see anything that suits in the API documentation


Thanks alot


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Re: Get Invoice or Customers container in bill run

I think you can get Bill Run and Invoice together via fields Source and Source ID from Invoice object. Feel free to try it and let me know if that works. Thanks.