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Email notifications based on next billing date

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Email notifications based on next billing date



Is is possible to create email notifications based on the next billing date for a subscription. we have evergreen subscriptions but would like to notify our annual subscription holders that they will be billed in 15 days




Re: Email notifications based on next billing date

@PaulOSull Morning Paul, Zuora needs to have an invoice generated to utilize their invoice due date options either before or after.  I'm assuming that your Invoices are not yet generated for this scenario.  If invoices are generated, then Invoice Due | Day(s) Before/After Invoice Due Date would be your solution.


If your invoices are not generated, then here's our solution.  We decided to utilize the Billing Preview from the REST API as the main part of the solution. 

1. Query Data: We query all batches with a target date 15 days in the future.

2. Modify Data: The intitial results will return everything in the system and then we filter the results that meet our criteria.  Specifically Service Period Start Date = today + 15, an account field, subscription term type, billing period, and Bill To email is not blank.

3. Send Email: code can use your own SMTP email server to send out the emails.


Some additional notes:  Known bug with the Billing Preview Run, BIL-21936.  It does not affect the results, but it is noise.


Our developer,@gbordawekar, implemented the proces and it runs daily.  If you have any specific questions about our solution, we'll be happy to help.