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Debit Memo (Late Fee) Related to an Invoice


Debit Memo (Late Fee) Related to an Invoice


We anticipated the arrival of Debit notes with great expectations, as they are required for major use cases in the EU. The main one, however, seems not to work as expected.


Most often in the projects we support, the Debit Memo is a Late Fee (Dunning Fee). This fee is thus ALWAYS related to an invoice. However, when creating a Debit Memo and choosing to relate it to an invoice (not standalone), you loose the ability to add a new charge. Instead you have the original charges from the invoice. In my eyes this makes little sense.


We need to be able to add the 'Late Fee' charge ESPECIALLY when the Debit Memo is related to an invoice. We have solved this through a custom field, however this is not satisfactory as the relationship is not accessable through the data sources as it would be when actually selecting a related invoice in the UI.