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Bill customers based on transaction volume

Quick Base has a new use case for our product that is unlike the current way we do billing.  We'd like to begin charging customers with that specific use case in the same way that Zuora charges THEIR customers for their billing products - based on the customer's anticipation of their transaction volume.  Or, instead of in anticipation of that volume, we'll actually send them a bill quarterly for the volume of the previous period.  Something like that.  Is that done with usage based billing, or is that something else completely?


Any help is much appreciated, we have no idea how to go about handling this!



Support SME

Re: Bill customers based on transaction volume

Hello Heidi,


Yes, that would be done based on Usage billing. Every quarter would tally up your customers usage volume and bill accordingly, in arrears. Billing in this manner would eliminate the need for 'anticipating' the transaction volume and precisely invoice them for each previous period. 




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