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Reconstructing MRR on a Subscription Level on a specific Day.

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Reconstructing MRR on a Subscription Level on a specific Day.

I'm attempting to reconstruct MRR for each subscription ID on a specific day using data source exports.


I'm attempting to create the following fields.


MRR, Subscription Start Date, Subscription End Date, Subscription ID


It would essentially check if a subscription ID would have been active during a specific date and the corresponding MRR.


Is there any suggestions on how to do that?  I'm running into trouble with


a) RatePlanCharge when a product is updated, I can't seem to filter it so it only has active products for that subscription

b) When a Subscription expires, the subscription end date doesn't seem to always update accordingly.  


Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.  

Zuora Staff

Re: Reconstructing MRR on a Subscription Level on a specific Day.

This community page describes how to construct a report that will return MRR on any specified day.


To directly answer your questions, the rate plan charge effective start date and effective end date delimit the time period that particular charge is or was active (implying it could generate invoice items). When a subscription expires, in this case I mean, the subscription has lapsed as it didn't renew and it's not evergreen, the subscription end date value on the subscription object should be accurate. Or did you mean something else when you mentioned the end date doesn't always update?


Just a heads up, the subscription object has a status field for which a valid value is 'Expired' but that doesn't mean what most people think it means. It doesn't mean, for example, that the associated subscription has actually expired, it just means that the associated VERSION of the subscription is no longer the current one. Every time you amend or add an order to a subscription you get a new version (copy) of the subscription and the old original version is tagged with a status of 'Expired' and the new version has a status of 'Active'. Add another amendment and you'll have two 'Expired' versions and one, new, 'Active' version.


Hope this helps