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Zuora Backup and Restore

New Student

Zuora Backup and Restore



Target: Zuora Platform/Billing (Subscriptions)


Business Requirements:

  • Backup and Restore Of:
    1. configurations & meta-data (all markets)
    2. customer & transactional data 
  • Backup & Restore "Perspective / Persona":
    • System User
      • please note that "system" depends upon use-case / platform / contract in this case some examples could be: earthquake or fire destroys data-center where Zuora system is deployed, Zuora employee deletes costumer data and/or configuration by mistake, etc.
    • Application User
      • application user means programmatic (e.g. application bug) or user access (e.g. employee)
      • some examples could be: costumer (or application maintenance contractor) employee with admin access destroys configuration and/or data by mistake; application's latest deploy contains subtle bug which destroys data and/or configuration, etc.
      • softer levels of hacker attacks / accounts compromised


  1. I would like to know what kind of support is provided by Zuora for the above business needs (please be specific and take into account possible all the above decribed aspects)
  2. Documentation references that I could access in order to understand better


Thank you very much in advance.