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ZOQL mysterious ways.

Hi, We are trying to do a select like this:

SELECT Id, AccountId,TermStartDate,TermEndDate,SubscriptionStartDate FROM Subscription WHERE Status='Active' and TermStartDate>='2016-08-23' and TermStartDate<='2016-08-25' and TermStartDate>SubscriptionStartDate


Without "and TermStartDate>SubscriptionStartDate" works perfect.


What's is wrong with this sentence ?.


Thanks in advance. My code is : 14418

Zuora Support

Re: ZOQL mysterious ways.

Greeting - ZOQL is designed to support simple queries only in order to protect our Database from long-runtime query, SQL injection, etc.  Comparing two fields in the filter is not supported.


You can check out Zuora Object Query Language article for more details.

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