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Unable to create a product rate plan recurring charges


Im using the soap API to create the product rate plans. I was able to create the rate plan without an issue. but when creating the recurring charges for the rate plan it send an error message as this "Accounting code does not match the Deferred Revenue accounting code."

Please let me know if I miss any thing.

Please find the soap body of this -

                xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:type="ns2:ProductRatePlanCharge">
                <ns2:AccountingCode>Accounts Receivable</ns2:AccountingCode>
                <ns2:Name>Monthly subscription fee</ns2:Name>
                    <ns1:ProductRatePlanChargeTier xsi:type="ns2:ProductRatePlanChargeTier">
                        <ns2:PriceFormat>Flat Fee</ns2:PriceFormat>
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Re: Unable to create a product rate plan recurring charges

Hi @vinurid,


It depends on how would you like to set up your charge from revenue recognition perspective:


  • If you include <ns2:AccountingCode>Accounts Receivable</ns2:AccountingCode> in your call, <ns2:deferredRevenueAccount>Accounts Receivable</ns2:deferredRevenueAccount> will also need to be included.

  • If you would like to go for the Recognize revenue without deferral option, that can be achieved if you simply remove both the AccountingCode and DeferredRevenueAccount from your call.

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