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how do people ensure a robust solution when transfering records.




If two batch jobs are running over Zuroa there is a window of opportunity between getting and updating records that duplicatation can occur due to lantency.


Is there a way of "locking" records or is it you must ensure there are never two batch processes working at the same time!


If the latter " never two batch processes working at the same time" is there an object/entity in Zuroa that developers like to use to record batches currently running and therefore not to run another one? (Could just create a reserved customer record and if present a batch is currently in process..yuk)


Many thanks ion advance

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Re: TransferredToAccounting

Hello @lowcdoers could you provide us a bit more details about this "transferring records" scenario you're working with - how does it work / will it work, what's the high-level process (what records are you transferring, to where, and why?)?


I'd like to make sure we provide you the best practice available however based on the information available currently, it seems to me you're trying to load records to an external system, and for this purpose, SOAP API is not the best tool, we should be looking at Exports. We have tools dedicated for the purpose of transferring data.






And especially: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/T_Aggregate_Query_API


However once you've provided more details, we can take a closer look at your use case!

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