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How to activate multi-currencies via API?

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How to activate multi-currencies via API?

I've got a script that uses API to create products, productrateplans, productrateplancharges, and productrateplanchargetiers.

But only the USD prices are activated.

How can I activate all the multi-currency prices I create, via API?




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Re: How to activate multi-currencies via API?

Hi nucukesi,


You can look into the below thread for more information if the requirement and solution suits your needs:



Re: How to activate multi-currencies via API?

Adding multiple currencies to PRP just requires that you set the


prp.Id = ProductRatePlanId;
prp.ActiveCurrencies =  comma separated list of 3 character currencies... for example "USD,GBP,CAN"... (doing this allows the next step)


However, To Activate Price by currency I think you have to actually go into the product catalog via UI and manually set / turn on (activate) available currency prices for each Rate Plan (RP) on the Catalog.. currency value. so its not an all or none setting..

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Re: How to activate multi-currencies via API?



Please see below steps to activate multi-currency via REST API. 

Endpoint URL: https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com/v1/action/update
Request Body: 

  "objects": [
      "Id" : "2c92c0f977091c5f01770ed74171140e"
Response Body:

Note: You must include the default currency in the ActiveCurrencies parameter.  In my case, I'm activating EUR currency for a specific rate plan but I'm including default currency in my parameter list (i.e. USD) 

If you do not include it, you will get the below error message
"You must activate your default currency USD for every product rate plan."


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