Custom Functions on Zuora Objects

By Lana Lee posted 12-12-2023 10:34


On December 7th, the Zuora Community hosted a product session with Ishir Vasavada, Technical Product Manager on Custom Functions on Zuora objects that included a demonstration of the new features.

 Review the presentation here

Custom Validations and Formulas

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Functions empower users to create custom data validations, automate field calculations, and more. They are critical to enhancing data integrity, and resource efficiency and support complex business logic. These serve as a key building block of the Zuora Extension Studio.

As part of our initial release, there are two types of supported functions: Validations & Formulas.

What’s New with Validations

Validations ensure data accuracy and consistency per business requirements. User data input is not accepted until it meets the Validation parameters

Example: Run a Validation on an Invoice custom field named ‘Tax Jurisdiction Code’. 

If the user input does not match the jurisdiction format codes per the Validation criteria, the Invoice record will not be created or updated. 

A custom error message can be displayed to inform the user to remediate the input error.

What’s New with Validations Zuora

What’s New with 
Formula Functions - Watch video to learn more

Formula functions ensure complex calculations and tasks are automated. These can be applied to one or more objects to perform data updates.

Example: Run a Formula on a Custom Object to add 5 working days to a ‘date’ input using the below custom field:

  • Date of Production

Given the above field as an input variable, a Formula Function can be built to automate date calculations and resultantly optimize business decisions like ‘when should a payment reminder be sent to your customers?’ or ‘when should a subscription be activated?’

What’s New with Formula Functions Zuora


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Custom Functions on Zuora Objects (Demo)

BONUS Demonstration: Run an Address Validation on a Custom Object

Custom Object Validation: Run an Address Validation on a Custom Object

Validate if a Vehicle [custom object] is eligible for delivery to a specific address:

  • Custom Object name: "Vehicle"
  • Criteria: The address input value should be based on the zip code entered in the condition criteria. There is no limit on the number of accepted zip codes.
  • Custom Field: Address__c; Data Type: Text

Here, if the user enters a zip code outside of the serviced area, the custom error will be displayed at the point of creating or updating a record.

Make the Most Out of Custom Objects and Fields

DIscover new ways to extend Zuora objects and fields in the Custom Objects and Fields community group. There you can ask questions and get answers from like-minded users and Zuora experts who’ve “been there and done that” so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and also have discussions that are admin-specific. We hope to see you there!