Application Lifecycle Management

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Integrating Git with Zuora Deployment Manager

By Lana Lee posted 05-08-2024 10:21


On May 7th, the Community was joined by Zuora Sr. Product Manager Prachi Bhatia who demonstrated integrating Git with Zuora Deployment Manager.  Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is more than development of code, it is about making decisions about the application, development, deployments, testing and maintenance of the application. It's about the process and tools. Zuora offers a complete framework of tools that are designed to support your development team for developing, deploying and testing. 

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Application Lifecycle Management

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 Application Lifecycle Management allows you to manage your users, data, and environments to ensure testing agility and ease of deployments with 

  1. API Sandbox - Preview and test new capabilities in Zuora
  2. Developer Sandbox - Integration development and testing; includes production snapshot of configuration data
  3. Central Sandbox - UAT & performance testing; includes a full production copy
  4. Zuora Data Management - Compare and deploy configuration data across any/all environments with deployment manager. Bulk import and export historical and transactional data with Data Loader.


Seamless Deployments and CI/CD with Zuora for Git

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With Git for Zuora, we help you streamline with your same tools and processes across different parts of your commerce platform. This uniformity reduces the learning curve and increases productivity for your team. Our GIT integration also aids in your compliance, as every change is documented and can be reviewed or rolled back if necessary. 

Seamless Deployments and CI/CD with Zuora for Git




Integrating Git with Deployment Manager

Watch Demonstration: Integrating Git with Deployment Manager

Q&A Highlights

  1. Can the developer sandbox  be refreshed with production by a tenant admin? We can do this with Central sandbox but not sure about developer sandbox.
  2. Integrating deployment manager with the source code repository?
  3. Can this also deploy code/workflows/Zuora configuration as well as product setup?
  4. How would we go about getting our Zuora environment into GitHub?  Is there an “export” tool (or similar) or would we have to manually create all our configuration?
  5. Can this be integrated with ADO (Azure DevOps) as well?
  6. If you run the example that you showed and selected all source components, would this upload all the current data into github, and operate like an export of the current state?

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