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    Posted 05-07-2018 10:11

    Platform Updates

    Speed enhancements have been made to improve general user expereince from navigation to app instancew creation and launching. 


    An update was provided to significantly reduce redirects to the marketplace Listings screen expereinced by some users. 


    Application Updates


    Subscriber Self-Care Portal

    Multiple additions have been made to the Subscriber Self-Care Portal giving you a more customizable experience.  


    For customers who preferred sidebar navigation, an option has been added to the Admin UI screen to enable or disable sidebar navigation instead of the default top bar navigation.


    An Email Template section has also been included for complete control over emails generated from the portal.


    The dashboard has had its functionality updated to become much more configurable including:

    • We now offer the ability to set and modify the Carousel Links so that you can better control the user experience on your portal.

    • A new feature was added titled Quicklinks which grants you the ability to label and link to any http: or https: link that you desire for your customers to see.

    • The dashboard tiles can now be enabled, disabled, shifted around and resized to fit your design needs including.

    • A new tile has been added to display end-subscribers usage.




    Documentation, including installation and configuration details, has been updated for the following apps under the instructions tab for the following listings:


    Visit Zuora Community, your personal hub for all things Zuora, and get additional support for Connect apps including:

    • Visit the Zuora Connect User Group to view app documentation.
    • Get answers to your questions from other app users and our SMEs.
    • Help identify Bugs by adding "[BUG]" in the subject line and our team will look into it.
    • Share your ideas on helping us make the app better with Connect Ideas.


    Check out the Zuora Knowledge Center - Connect Marketplace page for detailed instructions on how to:

    • Manage Zuora Connect apps in your environment and Connect
    • Share a Zuora Connect app instance