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Learners' Lounge: Table Talks

  • 1.  Learners' Lounge: Table Talks

    Posted 04-24-2018 18:30

    Table Talk Topics

    Open discussion for attendees to learn from Zuora and your peers on topics covered in the User Sessions.


    Location: Learners' Lounge

    Facilitated by Zuora teams (TBA)

    Times: TBA


    Pricing and Packaging Strategies

    Do you struggle with implementing or managing your pricing and packaging in Zuora? Share your experiences and learn from others on how they manage, test and measure their success.

    Usage Models

    Is your usage-based pricing model too complicated? Or, maybe you're not sure if it is. Chat about usage models with other Zuora users to see what kinds of customer usage and behaviors should be tracked and analyzed so that your company can continue its path of success.

    CPQ 9.x Upgrade Q&A

    What's being called "The Essential Upgrade", chat about its new features, how to prepare for this upgrade and any pitfalls you'll want to avoid during the upgrade process.

    Zuora CPQ Q&A

    Bring your questions to the table that'll be full of CPQ experts (Zuora and Users) on-hand to answer your questions

    Product Catalog

    Looking for the best way to optimize your product catalog to create a seamless experience for your customers? Share your strategies or learn some new ones from other Zuora users!

    Billing Manager Q&A

    Connect with other Biling Managers to learn how they set up bill runs, handle automated billing and configure notifications in Zuora

    Payment Operations

    Managing payment operations got you down? Share some of your best practices on optimizing your payment operations to prevent revenue loss

    ASC 606

    Have a post-606 go-live issue that you'd like to share with others? Stop by our ASC 606 table talk and discuss your best practices

    Reporting Q&A and Best Practices

    Discuss the different kinds of operational and financial reports others are pulling from Zuora - something you hear might catapult your business to the next level!

    Zuora on Zuora - Best Practices

    Learn more about how Zuora uses Zuora.

    Growth Customers Meet and Greet

    Are you looking to grow your company using subscription-based models? Or perhaps you're challenged by operational inefficiency? Share your experiences or meet people going through or have been where you are.

    Digital/Commercial Customer Meet and Greet

    If you're a direct-to-consumer company, timing is everything if you want to stay competitive and relevant. Chat with like-minded people in your industry who are transforming their business models with Zuora

    Enterprise Customer Meet and Greet

    You're in a mature phase of transformation within your industry, but you need to continue to stay competitive. Meet with other enterprise customers to discuss different ways to use Zuora to meet your growth initiatives.