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    Posted 07-03-2018 09:33

    New Partner App


    Pendula extends your capability on the Zuora platform with subscription communication management. Pendula enables two-way communications with your subscribers natively from Zuora, via SMS, email, instant social messaging, fax and post. Inbound communications then trigger automated actions or contextual responses.


    Available in 160 countries, Pendula helps businesses build loyalty, reduce churn, minimize financial risk through automated communication and deliver their best subscription experience yet.


    App Updates

    Configurable Tax Engine

    The Configurable Tax Engine has enhanced processing speed and provided detailed debug logging for the request to and response from your Tax endpoint. New tax templates and an updated UI allow for easier app configuration and use.


    Subscriber Self-Care Portal

    The Subscriber Self-Care Portal has had added support for a new type of Single Sign-On. Your organization can now easily integrate with Okta to provide a seamless experience for end users while navigating your website and portal.


    Product Updates

    Zuora Collect 

    Now available for Growth customers, as well as Enterprise and Nine.

    Collect offers an automated solution to maximize your collections success in the Subscription Economy.

    Features of Collect:

    • Configurable Payment Retry - Automate intelligent retry logic for all electronic payments
    • Workflow - Automate collections tasks and business processes
    • Collections Window - Manage the tasks of your collections team in one central location
    • Advanced Payment Manager - Associate unique payment methods to each subscription to provide payment flexibility for your customers
    • Configurable Lockbox - Automatically convert your bank lockbox files to Zuora payment records and free up precious worker hours



    Documentation, including installation and configuration details, has been updated for the following apps under the instructions tab for the following listings:


    Visit Zuora Community, your personal hub for all things Zuora, and get additional support for Connect apps including:

    • Zuora Collect
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    • Help identify Bugs by adding "[BUG]" in the subject line and our team will look into it.
    • Share your ideas on helping us make the app better with Connect Ideas.


    Check out the Zuora Knowledge Center - Connect Marketplace page for detailed instructions on how to:

    • Manage Zuora Connect apps in your environment and Connect
    • Share a Zuora Connect app instance