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    Posted 09-07-2018 15:46

    Partner Platform Updates

    Added ability for partners to scale web servers, up or down, within a reasonable limit.


    The partner provisioning process has been improved. At the time of provisioning submission, partners must now include the monthly contract value (MRR) and the subscription currency.


    Partners can now utilize health checks on the status of their applications hosted on Connect. A new Monitoring tab was added under the Builds page including multiple charts with modifiable periods including CPU usage, memory checks with more to come.


    Platform Updates

    Failure email notifications have been added at an app instance level. Users can now add multiple emails to be notified on failures of specific app instances of their choosing.


    Product Updates

    Zuora Collect

    Zuora Collect specific features (Advanced Payment Manager, Collections Window, Configurable Payment Retry, and Notes) utilize the OAuth feature to allow for the simplified creation of required custom fields. Learn more about Zuoras OAuth 2.0 feature in the Knowledge Center.


    • Configurable Payment Retry is compatible with Notifications, Invoice Settlement and Event Framework and Notifications feature. Other enhancement include the ability to customize the retry logic executed for unrecognized gateway response codes, ability to group outstanding billing documents as one payment for retry process and improved processing speed.
    • Advanced Payment Manager has an an updated UI allow for easier feature configuration and use.
    • Learn more about all of the Collect features on the Knowledge Center.


    App Updates

    Configurable Tax Engine

    New tax template for Avatax is now available.  


    Cybersource Payment Gateway

    Now supports SEPA Direct Debit and Apple Pay.



    Documentation, including installation and configuration details, has been updated for the following apps under the instructions tab for the following listings:



    Visit Zuora Community, your personal hub for all things Zuora, and get additional support for Connect apps including:

    • Visit the Zuora Connect User Group to view Connect app documentation.
    • Get answers to your questions from other app users and our SMEs.
    • Help identify Bugs by adding "[BUG]" in the subject line and our team will look into it.
    • Share your ideas on helping us make the app better with Connect Ideas.


    Check out the Zuora Knowledge Center - Connect Marketplace page for detailed instructions on how to:

    • Manage Zuora Connect apps in your environment and Connect
    • Share a Zuora Connect app instance
    • Installing and configuring all of the Collect features