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  • 1.  Learners' Lounge: Mentoring Sessions

    Posted 04-24-2018 19:44

    Mentor Sessions (Sign-up required)


    Be paired with a Zuora mentor for a 30-45 Minute 1:1 session to work through problems and find a solution. Advanced sign-up required; drop-ins welcome if space permits. 


    Simply fill out this form, we'll pair you with the right Zuora expert who'll address your needs, and your mentor will be a day-of surprise!


    How long is the mentor session?

    You will have up to 45 minutes to discuss your issue with your mentor.  If your question requires more in-depth explanation and research, we strongly advise that you post your question in the Zuora Community.


    Am I guaranteed a mentor session?

    Depending on the volume of submissions and mentors available, we'll do our best to pair you with the right person.  Remember, we will also have several Zuora experts in the Learning Bar as well as others who'll be facilitating Table Talks with your peers so you can be guided in the right direction through those avenues.


    Where will this take place?

    Your 1:1 mentor session will take place in the Learners' Lounge.  We will send you a text reminder and/or a reminder via the app 15 minutes before the start of your session.



  • 2.  RE: Learners' Lounge: Mentoring Sessions

    Posted 05-08-2018 19:08

    Check out the list of mentors and Zuora volunteers - most of whom will be in the Lounge for both days!


    Any particular issue you're struggling with? Let us know and I'll make sure that the right expert will be there for you.