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  • 1.  Let's Talk About Zuora

    Posted 05-15-2019 18:18

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    As Zuora users, you know what you need to help make your job tasks easier.  You know the feeling when you know youre really close to solving a problem, but for some reason, its not coming to you? Or perhaps you have a feature request that you wish would be implemented, but could use some fleshing out?


    Thats where the Unconference on Day 2 at Subscribed comes in.


    While a conference puts the speakers front and center, an UNconference has attendees talking to each other an equal platform - everyone can bring their opinions and ideas to the floor.


    Suppose youd like to know how to add invoice notes in the Zuora UI or see how others have designed their invoice templates? Or perhaps you have an idea to improve your Zuora experience that youd like to get more support to make it happen like having a uniform federated search across Zuora?


    Heading into the Unconference, you may not think you have much to contribute, but thats the beauty of the event. Its merely a discussion with other Zuora users who are just like you in that they know a lot about one thing, but might not be as well-versed in others.  Youre guaranteed to leave the Unconference better and more knowledgeable than before.


    Below are some topics that have been suggested for the discussion:

    • Uniform federated search across Zuora
    • More understanding and feedback on integrations re: platform API
    • Quotes customizations 
    • New functionality of CPQ to see how it can reduce clicks for our sales teams
    • Reviewing Product Selection options and Quote Template creation
    • Exchange best practices, major SNAFUs, and war stories - what happened and how you fixed it
    • In-person Zuora Meetups in your city

    Have more? Let us know in the space below.


    I hope youll join me on Day 2 of Subscribed at 3pm. Ill be bringing Community super- and power users as well as other Zuora subject matter experts to ensure that your suggestions dont fall on deaf ears.