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  • 1.  Visiting subscription companies in SF or the Valley?!

    Posted 05-21-2018 04:28

    Greetings to all community members, 


    Me and a collegue are attending Subscribed in SF for the first time. Coming all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, we plan to spend the full week in San Francisco, and we are interested in visiting some interesting subscription companies for inspirational purposes and to share ideas. These visits are to take place Thursday and Friday after the conference - and companies could be small or large. 


    Do you have any good suggestions or maybe even a company that would like to welcome us for an hour or two? 


    Best regards,

    Morten Suhr Hansen, CEO, Subscrybe

  • 2.  RE: Visiting subscription companies in SF or the Valley?!

    Posted 05-21-2018 17:38

    Hi @Morten,

    That's a great question and perfect opportunity to connect with others at Subscribed!


    You might want to check out the Learners' Lounge Table Talks where we'll have meet and greet sessions for companies in different stages of their subscription journey.  I'll be posting the times for these talks in this group within the next week and will also have leaflets on tables at Subscribed as well as in the Learners' Lounge. Each of these Table Talks will be hosted by someone from Zuora.


    You'll also hear a lot of really great stories from other companies in the Keynote Speeches and in the Subscribed Showcase and Expo.


    Here are some of the Meet and Greet descriptions in the Learners' Lounge:


    • Growth Customers Meet and Greet 
      Are you looking to grow your company using subscription-based models? Or perhaps you're challenged by operational inefficiency? Share your experiences or meet people going through or have been where you are.
    • Digital/Commercial Customer Meet and Greet
      If you're a direct-to-consumer company, timing is everything if you want to stay competitive and relevant. Chat with like-minded people in your industry who are transforming their business models with Zuora
    • Enterprise Customer Meet and Greet
      You're in a mature phase of transformation within your industry, but you need to continue to stay competitive. Meet with other enterprise customers to discuss different ways to use Zuora to meet your growth initiatives.

    Hope that helps,