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  • 1.  What is an Unconference?

    Posted 04-23-2019 18:27

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    As we all know, some of the best conference conversations are had during coffee breaks when attendees can informally chat with each other about their interests. But with such a tight agenda, its difficult to find a good amount of time to actually connect with others at Subscribed.


    Thats why this year, were having our first Unconference on Day 2, June 5th starting at 3:30pm.


    What is an Unconference?
    Unlike the standard conference where there is an agenda with speakers, an unconference is, for the most part, participant-driven where attendees suggest topics of their own interest and choose sessions. With a flexible format, an unconferences goal is to focus on conversation over presentation. Session content won't just come from Zuora - rather it'll come from everyone who's participating.


    Why Should I Attend the Unconference?

    Much like the Zuora Community where one can post a question and get feedback from other Zuora users, the collaborative aspect of this format provides several advantages where participants can

    • Focus on topics that are relevant since topics are suggested by users.
    • Create interactions lead to productive collaborations
    • Learn useful information and skills to help with your career progression and professional development
    • Collectively share feedback with Zuora, as a group
    • Build relationships that continue well past the event

    Create Your Unconference Experience Now

    What topics would you like covered? Are there any product specialists you'd like to talk to?  Now's your chance to start suggesting your Unconference ideas!


    If you cant think of any now, youll have an opportunity to add your idea to our Unconference board at Subscribed.


    Save the Date:

    Zuora Unconference | Subscribed San Francisco 

    June 5, 2019 at 3:30pm