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Ask Zuora Anything About Our Winter '19 Launch

  • 1.  Ask Zuora Anything About Our Winter '19 Launch

    Posted 12-11-2018 12:41

    Were so excited to share our Winter 19 launch with the Zuora Community. This product release is all about helping finance teams save time and reduce the errors that come from completing complex, redundant tasks manually, said Tom Krackeler, SVP of Product at Zuora. We are doubling down on customer usability and automation so that companies can rapidly grow without putting a big burden on back-office teams, processes, and systems.


    And we want to hear from you at our AZA (Ask Zuora Anything) event. We want to give our customers and partners a chance to review, ask questions and share comments to our product teams starting today. Then on December 17th, theyll be here in the Community to respond to all of your great feedback.


    Looking forward to your comments and questions!

    New Workflow Automation Features Reduce Order-to-Revenue Complexities

    • Kyle Kolich, VP & GM
    • Taylor Medford, Engineering Manager
    • Justin Li, Product Marketing Manager

    New Zuora Collect Features Branded Account Statements and Collections Window

    • Kyle Kolich, VP & GM
    • Craig Wilson, Product Manager
    • Alvin Beyerlein, Engineering Team Lead
    • Justin Li, Product Marketing Manager

    Zuora RevPro Continues Focus on Revenue Automation and ASC 606 Compliance

    • Jagan Reddy, VP & GM
    • Peush Patel, Product Management Director
    • Sai Prasad Marri, Product Management Director
    • Angela Ngo, Senior Product Marketing Manager


  • 2.  Ask Zuora Anything About Our Winter '19 Launch

    Posted 12-26-2018 16:13

    @JustinLi Thanks Justin. So just to verify, there is nothing left to do then since it's already been pushed out to Prod or do we have to enable features manually? Didn't read the release notes yet as its a little clunky. The knowledge center doesn't specifically state Winter '19 so I know what to reference is in this launch so I don't exactly know what needs to be tested. There aren't dates listed anywhere either so it's a bit hard to follow. Are there any specific sections that are specific to this Winter '19 launch?

  • 3.  Ask Zuora Anything About Our Winter '19 Launch

    Posted 12-22-2018 03:31

    Hi @calvinly - thanks for your questions!


    Yes, the release notes are split up by product area and are available on our Knowledge Center.


    In terms of an ETA, all of Winter '19 is already available in sandbox and prod.




  • 4.  Ask Zuora Anything About Our Winter '19 Launch

    Posted 01-04-2019 14:42

    @calvinly - Hope you enjoyed the holidays! Let me follow-up with you directly to see how we can get those features enabled.

  • 5.  Ask Zuora Anything About Our Winter '19 Launch

    Posted 12-21-2018 17:56

    Are there any release notes for the Winter '19 launch? Any ETA for when this gets pushed to sandbox and prod?