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[Videos - Table Talk] Make the Most of the Zuora Central Sandbox

  • 1.  [Videos - Table Talk] Make the Most of the Zuora Central Sandbox

    Posted 10-29-2021 19:53
    Edited by Lana Lee 08-28-2023 12:19

    On January 28, 2021 we had our second Table Talks on How to Make the Most of the Zuora Central Sandbox hosted by the Zuora Community with  

    Our AM and PM sessions followed our Zuora Central Sandbox Webcast on January 26th and they were geared towards answering customer questions in an interactive settings.


    Below is our presentation, recordings, and questions.  


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    [Playlist] How to Make the Most of the Zuora Central Sandbox (JAN 2021)




    • Today we are having 2 sandboxes and 1 production per entity. Should we change our strategy and start using Zuora Central?
    • Environment where you can quickly manage releases and tests?
    • Exporting data for a data warehouse, refreshing sandbox from production
    • Is Central Sandbox a good fit as a replacement for our existing staging sandbox?
    • We have two sandboxes, will both of them have this feature?
    • Any specific re-plumbing which may be required in related Salesforce environments?

    Best Practices...

    • for setting target dates and also data queries
    • for moving testing data DEV, QA vs UAT
    • around keeping sandbox and prod functionality in sync over time.
    • for testing




    • What is the best environment strategy for a DEV/QA/UAT that you would recommend? (Central Sandbox/Central Sandbox/Central Sandbox VS Sandbox/Central Sandbox/Central Sandbox VS Sandbox/Sandbox/Central Sandbox)
    • Is there a copy of workflow created to go with the csb?
    • Is this included with our subscription? How do we access it?
    • Automating updates to Zuora configuration via Settings API following Zuora Central Sandbox refresh

    Upcoming Table Talks

    Interested in learning more about Zuora in this type of collaborative environment with Zuora's top-notch subject matter experts?  We are currently preparing Table Talks on Workflow, Collect, Data Query and Finance.  Please let us know what topics you'd like us to host. 

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