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    Posted 07-10-2017 21:53

    What's New in the Community


    When we launched the Community in early 2016, we had three blog areas: Zuora Announcements, Release Notifications and Partner Announcements.  Last October, we added the Engineering blog which highlights some of the great technology and projects that are underway by Zuora engineering.


    With the Release Notifications and Partner Announcements being fairly straightforward with their content, the Zuora Announcements was the catch all all basin for all other topics ranging from Zuora events like Subscribed, case studies, press releases, community hot topics, etc. which creates lots of noise if youre only interested in specific topics.


    To make it easier for community visitors to subscribe to the areas that theyre most interested in, were adding 4 new community blogs to the existing ones.  Release Notifications and Partner Announcements will remain unchanged while Zuora Announcements will focus on product and company-related news:

    • Zuora Announcements: Product and company-related news like deprecation notices, press releases, etc.
    • Release Notifications: Maintenance and Release Notices
    • Partner Announcements: Notifications for and about our Partners
    • Engineering Blog: Highlighting exciting projects underway at Zuora
    • Subscription Economy Blog: Industry-related articles, partner blogs, case studies, white papers and more.
    • Zuora Events: Details and recaps for events like our global Subscribed events, User Groups and more.
    • Community News: Whats new in the community, like new Limited Availability programs, tips on how to make the most of the community and hot topics
    • Zuora Life: Get a glimpse of Zuora behind-the-scenes like community spotlights and what life is like as a ZEO.


    To receive email notifications for new content, subscribe to the respective blog areas that interest you; your email address will need to be verified in order to subscribe.


    Are there any other teams or topics youd love to hear more from - Developers, Zuora University, IT? Please let me know in the comments below!