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  • 1.  FAQ - Ideas

    Posted 07-07-2021 15:54
    Edited by Lana Lee 07-07-2021 15:57

    1. How do I submit an idea to Zuora?

    We love hearing innovative ideas and feedback from our customers! Post your idea in our Ideas Forum and our product team will review it.

    2. What information should I provide in my idea?

    When you submit your idea, provide as much information as possible and, if possible, provide a screenshot.  See Have an Idea to Improve Zuora? Here's What Our Product Team is Looking For 

    3. What kind of ideas and feedback can I submit?

    We welcome all input related to our products that will help us improve our products.  All ideas and feedback should adhere to the Community Guidelines.

    4. Is there a criteria Zuora uses to determine my idea's feasibility?

    We value all ideas and feedback and use these guidelines when we evaluate them. The more information you provide, the more helpful it is for us to potentially implement your idea!

    5. How do I give my support to an idea?

    1. Go to the idea you would like to support

    2. At the bottom of the idea, click on the thumbs-up arrow.

    6. What is the status of my submitted idea?

    Underneath your idea submission, you will see the status which will indicate the status of your idea.

    7. What criteria is used to evaluate ideas and feedback?

    Check out what our Product Managers look for in evaluating ideas and feedback.