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Zuora Feedback and Idea Evaluation Criteria

By Lana Lee posted 05-05-2022 09:46


Have an idea for Zuora? We'd love to hear about it! Our Ideas is a great place for you to share your innovative ideas to help us improve our products. 

To make this process effective and transparent, we will be evaluating your ideas and feedback on the following criteria and giving feedback accordingly.  We hope that sharing our general criteria by which we will be evaluating your submitted ideas will help you guide your submissions.  You can expect to receive feedback on your submission from our Product Management team in the form of status changes and follow-up comments.


Submission Criteria


Reach of Impact

How many customers would benefit?

How often would they use the suggested feature?

Roadmap Fit

Does this fit strategically within our current product/service offerings?

Community Feedback

Is this idea getting noticed (via recent votes/comments/kudos)?

Does the idea have at least 5 votes?


How long will it take to implement the idea?

Is there a workaround available today?

Quality of submission

Is the submission well written and easy to understand?

Does it contain no more than one idea?


Is this a new idea or something that has been submitted already?


Before posting your idea, search the existing ideas via the search. If it has been submitted before, give your support to it by giving it a Kudo. If your idea has not been submitted, make sure you only include one idea per submission, be as descriptive as possible, and add an image to make it as clear as possible.


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