Have an Idea to Improve Zuora? Here's What Our Product Team is Looking For

By Lana Lee posted 09-29-2020 18:58


You have an idea to make Zuora better and are asked to post it in the Community's Ideas forums for our product teams to review.  But what's the best way to write your idea for it to be considered for our product roadmap? 

We asked a few of our Zuora product managers what they look for in a Community idea. Other than the usual ( age, number of votes, and comments) here's what they said:

The Basics

  • Your idea should be easy to find using search by giving your idea a meaningful title and tagging the appropriate product area
  • Be specific when you describe your product improvement. Avoid comments like the following which don't give us much information:
    • It would be great if Zuora could do this
    • We need this because currently there's no way to do this in Zuora right now
    • Having this would be convenient/a great time save
  • Describe why you want the improvement. The "why" should answer things like: 
    • What problem is the idea trying to solve? 
    • If the idea is implemented how would you use it?
    • What benefits would you get from the idea? Benefits could include things like additional revenue we could bring into the business, hours of time saved every month, cost saved.
  • How urgent is the solution and what would happen if there's no immediate solution for the next year?

Current Solution

  • What is your current solution (if any), and why is it not great or viable?
  • What are you having to do today because the idea isn't implemented?
  • How much time are you spending on your workaround?

Additional Information and Requirements

  • Highlight any other requirements as part of your ask, including reporting needs, access/control needs, integration/API needs.


At Zuora, we genuinely want to hear from you to learn how we can make our product better. Share your suggestions in our ideas forums, and if you have recommendations on how we can improve our Ideas forums, please let us know.