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Last week, a customer of ours talked to us about her experience using Zuora University. During our conversation, she mentioned that she preferred to learn in a classroom environment wherein you find an instructor/teacher and peers/students. She was mildly surprised that several hundred students do our self-paced courses every day and find them very helpful. According to her, the best learning environment is when there is someone to guide you in real-time and correct you if you’re going wrong. That got us thinking. What if some of our customers are doing the wrong format of courses? So, we put together this quick guide for you to decide which type of content you ...
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So, your company recently signed up for Zuora and you’re wondering how to start using it. Fret not, we understand that it’s not the easiest platform to operate. Zuora University was launched in the year 2015 to help solve this very problem. Today, there are more than 300 courses available to subscribers of Zuora University. But that’s not just the only reason why you should do these courses. Here are a few more. 1. Your basics get stronger  If you’re new to Zuora and the Subscription Economy, you may not entirely understand the functionality of our products. Let’s face it: the more capabilities the product offers, the more complex it gets.  Here’s ...