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Tips to Help Boost Your Zuora Performance - Reference Materials 

07-15-2022 16:14

The ability to process big jobs quickly helps our customers realize some pretty audacious goals even during peak traffic periods. On July 14th, the Community hosted a Table Talk with @Kenta Tomura Senior Manager of Product Strategy where he discussed several factors that could affect Zuora performance and introduced Zuora’s Performance Booster which increases your ability to scale internal operations at peak periods with Zuora’s Parallel Processing Engine.

In the Table Talk, Kenta shared tips on how to speed up mission-critical processes like bill and payment runs and API concurrency as well as provided an overview of Performance Booster.

Attached, find 2 SQL files related to the Table Talk:

  • Bill Run Analysis
  • Payment Run Analysis

Watch the Table Talk here:
Performance Booster Table Talk


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Reference materials for the Performance Booster Table Talk - July 14, 2022.